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Diwata Thomas 

Professional Mediator 





500 South Duval Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399



A Bit About Me

I have cultivated my skills while attending my master's degree in Public Administration at Florida State University through student organizations, volunteering at Florida Supreme Court events, and private security officer event staff. I have effective communication skills that can display the pressing issues that affect our community. I am outspoken about new legislative and judicial policies and procedures to maintain a peaceful resolution of disputes. While studying at Florida State, I have expanded my resume through two new promotions as an Administrative Assistant at the Dispute Resolution Center and Supervisor at Best Private Security. I have gain salary raises / additional employment and continue to promote self-determination and privacy of dispute resolution services. 

I have built my own website where I display blog topics on new public administrative issues and current affairs. Through my blog, I have been able to reach followers from social media accounts to demonstrate my abilities as a leader. I am proud to continue my studies as a PhD applicant. 

I did an interview with WTXL 27 in 2019 about local African American art in the art district of Tallahassee, FL. Click the icon for more information: 

Work Experience

Florida Supreme Court
Certified County Mediation Training Program
Dispute Resolution Center 

Tallahassee, Florida

I completed a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediation Training Program. This program is intended to teach community member the methods and rules of mediation. Helping community members start private mediation practices and join the Florida trial court services as volunteers, paid mediators, and other dispute resolution services. The training program taught online dispute resolution, corporation litigation tactics, private company negotiation skills, rules of certified mediators, ethics in the court system, cultural diversity skills to gain a resolution, impasse mediations, self-determination of parties, confidentiality, and interpersonal violence and awareness. 

This high level mediation training program gets government professionals ready to become successful in the field of dispute resolution. Managing professional skill on how to write a stipulation between the parties agreements and self-determination of the final agreement. 

Florida Supreme Court: Office of the State Court Administrator: Dispute Resolution Center 
Tallahassee, Florida
Administrative Assistant I (Promoted) (Pay Raise)

My work experience comprises of legal services and administrative support. My day to day functions depend on the administrative support tasks that must be completed before critical deadlines. I'm usually answering a multi-line phone system, answering questions from mediators, lawyers and judges around the state of Florida, and fielding communications to a proper staff member daily. The position is responsible for opening, postmarking, scanning, and disseminating a large volume of correspondence including applications, renewals, as well as creating revenue ledgers documenting income. The position maintains hard file mediator’s records, purges records and places records into electronic storage. I must record mediator information to our online database including grievance reports, status of applications, lapsed certifications and fee requirements. I answer calls from the public on how to set up a mediation within their local trial courts. Provide resources and information to public callers who have upcoming cases on the process of mediation. I attend weekly team meetings to discuss the newest topics in Alternative Dispute Resolution. New administrative functions and amendments are released from the Chief Justice and implemented by the administrative staff. Mediation related implementations include child caring, parenting coordination services, elder caring services, small claims, and dependency services. Administrative staff are required to enforce the guidelines and rules mandated by all certified mediators in the state. 

Best Private Security - Tallahassee, Florida
Supervisor Private Security Officer (Promoted)

I completed my Florida Class “D” Private Security Certificate Training on October 11, 2020. I finished number one in my class at the North Florida Security Academy for my class “D” license which was granted to me on April 30, 2021. As a private security officer my job duties are to maintain a safe perimeter for guests to different live sporting events. I must remain at my post ordered location and ensure the safety of all individuals within my surrounding area. I assist security operations for National Football League experience Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021 and Orlando Health soccer league 2021. I was promoted to supervisor private security officer on September 9, 2021 for my brave commitment to my private security company. My main tasks are to secure the area, take care of guests and my team in case of an emergency.

I attend weekly team meetings for new updates by local law enforcement regulations and determine the best plan of action for my team. I distribute post orders to my team members and ensure that everyone is working diligently. Since my promotion to supervisor, I have completed another Florida State University football season. I have traveled to Miami to secure the Miami Pink Soccer stadium which is a national league. I have worked a Monster Truck event inside the Miami Marlins baseball stadium which was changed to host the event. I was post ordered to work in Mississippi at an Ole Miss game during the regular season. I was sent to Atlanta, Georgia to secure a football stadium for the Georgia Tech Best crowd management. Throughout my travels to these new cities, I have gain valuable communication skills that help shape my approach to crowd safety

I completed Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana that had high profiled celebrities and government officials. We secured the areas and assisted with the ADA people near the top of the Caesar Dome. The event was a success and everyone had an excellent time celebrating Black Culture. 

Sentry Private Security - Tallahassee, Florida
Private Security Officer (Pay Raise)

I signed a new contract with Sentry Event Services as a Private Security Officer. I will be working the Tallahassee Civic Center events which include the Professional Wrestling Company (WWE), Florida State University Fall football season and other Florida State University events.


Florida State University had a recent change in security management services and has hired Sentry for the full contract of the university events. I have the opportunity to continue my work at the university for the rest of 2022-2023 school year events.  

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