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Dependency Mediation

Dependency mediation programs are referrals of child abuse and neglect from court cases. Dependency cases can be referred at any stage of a dependency action. Referral may occur as early as the filing of a petition alleging that a child is dependent and in need of the court's intervention for protection. Cases of a foster care child can result in the termination of parental rights. Dependency mediation provides and opportunity for parents, social service counselors, guardians ad litem, attorneys for parents and agencies to discuss the care of a dependent child. Similar to other mediation cases parties can come to a partial or full agreement on various aspects of dependency matters, including, but not limited to: 

  • Child placement

  • Custody 

  • Terms of a case plan 

  • Visitation 

  • Medical or therapeutic treatment 

  • Child support 

  • Independent living for teens 

  • Long term foster care 

  • Parental rights

  • Shelter/Detention

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