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Justice System & Political Feasibility Bills

The justice system has many avenues of political feasibility to make changes to existing Florida Statutes and creates new programs for implementation. The necessity of many judicial programs are based on the politicians that support and create certain legislation that make the justice system agencies more efficient in processing people-based services. Political feasibility of policies is difficult to attain when it comes to the Justice system however certain bills passed have been able to make incredible strives to restorative justice initiatives for all Floridians.


CS/HB 7029: Time Limitations for Preadjudicatory Juvenile Detention Care

Time Limitations for Preadjudicatory Juvenile Detention Care; Authorizes court to order child on supervised release detention care to comply with specified conditions; authorizes court to place child on supervised release detention care for any time period; provides exception; specifies time period for which court may order child to be held in secure detention care; authorizes extension of secure detention; requires specified findings; requires hearing to determine continued need for secure detention. (Effective July 1, 2022) 

One Bill new addition was the following quotation: 

"A child who is placed on supervised release detention care may be required to comply with any available condition established by the department or ordered by the court, including electronic monitoring, if the court finds such a condition is 36 necessary to preserve public safety or to ensure the child's safety or appearance in court."

CS/SB 342: Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction

Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction; Requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to expunge the nonjudicial arrest record of certain minors who successfully complete a diversion program for specified felony offenses, rather than only for misdemeanor offenses; authorizing a minor who successfully completes a diversion program and is granted an expunction for any offense, rather than only for a first-time misdemeanor offense, to lawfully deny or fail to acknowledge certain information, etc. (Effective July 1, 2022) 

CS/CS/SB 596: Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsels

Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsels; Specifying the responsibilities of regional counsels regarding witness coordination; removing the requirement that regional counsel employees be governed by Justice Administrative Commission classification and salary and benefits plans; authorizing regional counsels to access certain confidential information relating to proceedings involving children under specified circumstances; authorizing regional counsel offices to obtain fictitious names for motor vehicle and vessel plates or decals, etc. (Last action: Order enrolled 03/08/2022)

The legislation bills above are certain bills that I support. I see the necessity of these plans and the benefits of creating legislation that gives clear guidelines to the rule of law. 

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