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A day in my life

I thought I would write a personnel blog post about a day in my life. I usually spend 99.9% of my time thinking about family, friends, college, work, and current world events. When we think about the world events happening its usually about COVID-19, Civil rights movements, US political party debates, current supreme court hearings, social media feeds, and international conflict resolution. Most of my day is spent reading up on new events and changes going on in the country. I like reading about the international infrastructure debates and the production of new industry advancements. I recently judged a International Public Debate Association (IPDA) for Florida State University Debate team. I found some interesting topics including

  • Resolution: The United States Federal Government add term limits to Supreme Court Justices

  • Resolution: Syria be readmitted to the United League of Arabs

  • Resolution: There must be regulations for homeschoolers

The debaters were randomly chosen as the affirmative or the negative of the above resolutions. I started listening to the debaters and I thought about how in the future of American politics we will have more international debates that affect our national stance. I know that the United States stands on our own ideology when it comes to international disputes but we are usually the peacemakers. The fun part about working for the Florida Supreme Court is that I'm usually in a debate with friends and family about some current event going on in the country. In college we find the beauty in Public administration whether it be at the local, state or federal administration levels.

I started learning more about the public administration through podcasts and YouTube videos. Some of best videos to learn more about how the US government works is through YouTube White House subscription, VOX, PBS, Library of Congress, and HISTORY. So far I've been checking these subscriptions out on the daily for news. They give a different perspective with factual evidence for their arguments of public policy.

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