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A Supreme Day

A supreme day is a multifaceted, highly intelligent, fast pace troubleshooting agenda. I wake up early around 6 am in the morning to get ready for work, school, exercise, and socializing with friends and family. By 7 am, I’ve taken an early shower, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, taken my dog outside and started breakfast while listening to my family on the other side of the house. I get to my office a few minutes early everyday and start my dual monitor computer. Suddenly around 8 am, our office main line number starts ringing. I answer various calls from mediators, lawyers, judges, Circuit Alternative Dispute Resolution Directors, US Appellate judicial assistants, paralegals, legal assistants, and other government officials.

The life of a public servant is filled with many opportunities that lead through the intertwined positions of state and federal government. Usually, assisting a caller with their applications and renewals for mediators, I find myself pondering the interconnected world of the peaceful resolution of disputes. The court system works administratively at a different pace than what is normally seen on television like White House News, CNN, FOX, “Judge Judy”, “How to get away with murder”, “Law and Order” and local WCTV. The court has to determine the validity of crimes, sentencing laws and regulations, administrative orders and judicial proceedings that take intense dedication.

I’m currently working on a recent research paper on mass incarceration and the effects of mandatory sentencing laws and recidivism across the United States. Once work is finished around 4:30 pm, I can start working out at my local Planet Fitness in the afternoons or take a run around the downtown park. My usual work out routine consists of a light stretch followed by some bicep curls, shoulder raises, chest press, squats, sit ups and a two mile jog. Afterwards, I like to drink GNC Whey Protein cookies and cream flavor.

Sometimes, I make plans to hangout with friends and family like dinner at a new restaurant, movies, skating, bowling, arcade games, book stores, coffee shops to study for midterms and finals, walking around campus, campus events, campus social clubs, and watching movies at my friends house. My personal hobbies are creating poems, writing short memoirs, watching Netflix, listening to music, and being artistic. Of course, I can’t do all of these in one day but I try to switch up my plans every now and then to keep life interesting besides the typical 9-5 state judicial position.

A secret desire of mine is politics and reading memoirs of popular politicians. In my free time, I’ve been reading about Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama. I find it fascinating the discoveries of their personal life story and how they have grown into the influential leaders of the world. I can admit that I’ve been reading their books rather slowly to really soak in all this supreme intellectual divinity these women encompass. I’ve gotten so enthralled with their story that it's a bittersweet moment making it to the end of each chapter. I find myself pausing in the middle of a paragraph and connecting their story with a recent thought or event that happened to me. Wondering what they would think if they knew that their life was just as similar to mine. I’ve even gotten a distinct twinge in my lower heart when I close the book and place it on my high shelf for another day. Politics is a lot like storytelling and the key is being truthful at every step. I hope this blog tells my story in its raw truth. Eventually by the end of day, I’ve gotten a lot of work done but it never seems like I’ve completely finished. There is always more work to be done tomorrow.

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