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American History: "On the Same Page"

Recently, the Biden-Harris Administration has been appealing to the masses of individuals with the belief of equal opportunity and justice. Keeping a strong stance on American values to calm the tensions of political parties and COVID-19 pandemic related issues. Committed to good governance and attributing to the global political movements. The Biden-Harris team dynamic seems to be flawlessly in unison for a new way of US political relationship building skills. All the while running a tight family, friends, and colleges circle that promotes the best parts of equal democracy and freedom of speech.

While social media, news outlets, television, music and popular culture has taken a new turn towards reimagining US politics. Everything from new President Biden posters and Vice President Harris paintings. Inspiration for pop artist albums and talk show hosts topics of the day used to inform citizens of the new directions the President and Vice President are making. The best part of the new executive administration power is the creative references and individuals that state the cultural movement. New ideals of focusing on education, home values, friendly neighbors and favorite local small businesses. Helping out manufactories and creating "good jobs" not just "blue jobs", as a sustainable career path with upward mobility.

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