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American Political Stances: Current Political Ideologies

Diwata Thomas May 7, 2021


American politics have always been like a game of chess, where players have to move key members to gain an advance on the opposing side. Rather than the habitual ideologies that many Americans might think of red and blue political actors. The game is played rather differently than straight down a party ticket. The more political parties research into one another’s agenda the more they gain an insider perspective on how they’re opponent or political counterpart is moving their audience in a new direction. The audience has a key role in the way politics are played these days regardless of state or regional affiliation. They typically say “politics is all about who you know.” However, this might not be the subtitle case in most long game political plays.

The Break Down

From the recent articles on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC and MSNBC there has been a significant pattern of political speeches and reporting the news. Most articles or political analysis of each major political actor's statement shows their own take and rhetoric that is added to appeal to the reader. The majority of the news that is presented has a lot of quotes that support the red and blue leaning ideals of the party. Every political analysis is trying to find the deeper meaning into the political agenda and how this could affect the American Jobs and Families plan, as well as their local, state and US directives.

As an informed citizen, I have the obligation to stay up-to-date on the latest news and follow the direction that is most suited for my well being. Latest news of Former President Trump showing active political plays to keep key republicans in certain seats and take Democratic seats to win the majority. The most interesting thing about Former President Trump is that the stakes are higher for his rise of political power after the defeat in the 2020 presidential election. The illegitimate political official no longer holds an elected seat. However, he still aims to make a rise on the GOP agenda for 2022 and 2024 election cycles. Unfortunately, GOP current and incumbent leaders have started to move the Republican party in a new direction. The new GOP plans of action have decided to change the current US policy proposal. Most things need to be changed in the current GOP leadership's perspective. However, Democrats aim to take a stronghold on their key values in the American Jobs and Families proposal.

Apart from their state driven ideals the balance of US and State relations stays strong throughout major political actors. The real issue is to gain approval of a massive plan while most states have their own systems of governance on each individual plan. It would take more than just the two US elected senators and various numbers of US representatives to make the changes across the different states. The key point most news articles are missing is that state to state governance needs to have a specific guideline from the federal representatives to enact real change at the various state and local government levels.

For instance, voter registration laws that passed in Florida have been a topic of argument across the nation. The voter registration laws differ from state to state levels which allows state governments the power to make changes according to the citizen population needs within that state. There are broad guidelines that have to be met which come from the federal government. State officials have a major voice in politics at the federal level through their US elected officials but to make real change is to incorporate these state level officials into the conversation. The real push back on federal policy proposals are the state level officials that help support their US officials agendas.

Even though party ties are strong, the majority of push back will be the state to state governance without a true universal guideline on how the federal government plans to enact state to state changes. From universal health care needs to criminal justice systems across the nation are all different when it comes down to the state and local levels.

GOP Leadership

To gain political power Trump is having positive GOP relationships that are based in “loyalty”. The significance of this is to achieve a higher political stance on key issues first directed from his days in the White House. Advocating Trump's ideals to key state elected officials like NY, FL, and TX has made an impact on how the GOP plans to support and make changes to the policy proposals. The questionable leadership legitimacy is what qualifies the next moves for the GOP. Many have been found to believe the conservative pro-Trump credentials that make him a profound voice in the Republican Party. Without formally releasing his political plan for the next election cycle, he does continue to speak openly to the press as a form of building his political alliances without current elected official status.

DEM Leadership

Democrats have been building at the local and state level to prepare for the next 2022 and 2024 election cycles. However, in key states like Georgia the online and social media movements have run short of excited political observers. The DEMS have a long way to go to attract more positive citizens relations like getting citizens to voice their positive opinions in comment sections. The amount of people that like certain topics of interest or social movements is great but the DEMS fall short on getting people to voice their direct problems that relate to the message leadership is trying to share. Gaining attention is hard at the state and local level however DEMS should make more effort in gaining community support. Community service hours and investments in becoming more openly proactive about the positive work DEMS are doing in their communities. Story telling about how their community culture is developing under the new COVID-19 protocols. Getting a more personal feeling from the individuals on the ground advocating their voices. Not just attaining the political parties agenda but using their own knowledge of their local and statewide community to help foster positive change. The focus should change from the federal agenda to the local small businesses and day to day activities of individuals like sports events, movies, music releases, popular culture art, fashion shows, restaurant openings, social media movements, civil rights movements, women's movements, LGBTQ movements, etc. The more DEMS voice their true stories without feeling shamed of “political suicide” the better DEMS will understand a specific regions development.

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