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Book Review - Run To Win : Lessons in Leadership for Women Changing the World

Run to Win : Lessons in Leadership for Women Changing the World

By: President of Emily's List Stephanie Schriock with Christina Reynolds

Forward by Kamala Harris

Run to Win is a women's empowering self-help book that gives motivation and suggestions on how to run a campaign or become a better public servant. My favorite chapters of this book were:

  • Forward by Kamala Harris

  • Chapter 5 "Build your team"

  • Chapter 7 "Grow a thicker skin"

  • Chapter 9 "Campaign joyfully. Show gratitude deliberately. Celebrate liberally."

Forward by Kamala Harris

In this section of the novel she introduces many critical issues, at the time of writing this book, which were taking place in the United States. Kamala Harris is a politician that believes in the American ambition. She is a glass ceiling breaker while keeping a family friendly manner. She believes in fighting for the people and getting the work accomplished to win at everything she does. The forward is an essential part of the book that gives the reader ideas about what women can do to make this country better.

Chapter 5 "Build your team"

Building your team is apart of running a successful campaign or competing a public service project. Many of the ideas behind building your team is identifying who you work best with, acknowledging the differences of ideas from others, knowing the opposition and campaigning to diverse people. Building a team of different people that are able to come together and make a successful tribe is important to learn and win from campaigning. Team building helps during those times that the leader or team makes mistakes along the way. Many of the people that are essential for the come back in a campaign are people that are within your inner circle. You're inner circle are the people that will help fight your battles or stand up to people that talk down to your tribe. Many times people in your inner circle will have to make small sacrifices that involve telling a delicate part of their story. (See chapter 4 "Know your story, learn how to tell it") Public service is like becoming a Kingdom Builder.

Chapter 7 " Grow a thicker skin"

In public service you must have a thick skin when it comes to people from the public commenting on your life and ideas. Many of the people that comment may have negative ideas and they may have opinions that don't match your own. So it is important to grow a thicker skin. This chapter gives some fundamental examples of what to do when you need to respond to a negative comment or news release. I took all these examples into consideration and reflected on how important they are to use in public service.

Chapter 9 "Campaign joyfully. Show gratitude deliberately. Celebrate liberally"

In the world of politics and public service campaigns, there are always people that need a little bit of gratitude paid. Politics is filled with people that work hard everyday to get their agenda and plans across to the public. Politicians must work together to set goals and deadlines to ensure the public gets their necessities. Campaign joyfully simply means do what you love and love what you do. Wake up everyday ready and filled with purpose that drives you to accomplish all your goals. Give back to those people that have invested their time, money and energy to making you a better public servant. Determine what you can give and then celebrate with the people that you have paid dues. Put the time in to understand that persons' perspective and reciprocate the hospitality that has been given to you.

Run to win is a excellent book worth the hype that has been encircling the public media. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking into a life of public service or running for public office.

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