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Book Review: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

This landmark bestseller now revised and up dated for the 21st century has been a life changing experience for me. I often wonder what the author would say about the modern changes to the "ether" or concept of a universal intelligence that speaks to all human kind. The riveting explanation of one's mental capacity to learn and evolve should be studied at every level of education. This book is certainly a self-help philosophy that can alter your entire money management habits, career path, personal relationships, growth in faith and deepest desires.

My favorite chapter of this book is Chapter 10 Power of the Master Mind: the Driving Force (the ninth step to riches) which defines three key ideals, infinite intelligence, accumulated experience, and experiment & research. I found these ideals so vital to everyday life and applying this ideology to every relationship and thought. The infinite intelligence is the community sense of which people communicate to get to a higher level of a career, relationship, or faith. The importance in cooperating with others that might be connected to your personal knowledge is vital to attaining the support needed to grow rich. Rich is not just about money. Rich in this book is gaining more to your life and adding essential riches in others. Becoming a better human being by giving more than you take from the world is how you actually become rich. Regardless of debt or income because you attain a higher divinity that speaks greater volumes than selfishly holding all your "coins" for personal gain. The rich often have to give lots of money to the poor or else they won't gain more money because the universal intelligence will reject their products or ideals.

This section of the book reminded me of non-profit organizations, community service efforts, local awareness and community engagement. The idea that to become a richer person is to actually work harder at your communities key values. To attain these values as conscience habit instead of a forced action. Realizing that many of these donations, community service, time and labor spent giving more to your community will help your communication skills and thus growing richer. Looking back on life, I've always gained more money, relationships, and faith by communicating my goals and dreams to the people I love and admire. It seems simple to love when you can feel love being given easily. It is often the times we don't feel love when we need to rely on our key values that can push us further to our personal goals.

I really enjoyed this book. I read this book very slowly, on purpose. I wanted to really seek this book at times that I felt down or needed to remind myself of my truest desires. I eventually ended up tripling my savings account by reading this book over a period of a couple of months. I thought hard about every item I bought and stuck to a strict budget, which this book teaches you. I highly recommend this book for young adults just starting their entry level jobs or career path during college. Many of my greatest thoughts about money came from discovering the essential ideals of our society.

Sincere love,

Diwata Thomas


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