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Citizens Matter

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Throughout the Biden-Harris Administration, there have been countless accomplishments like the first child care tax credit for a majority of working class Americans. The transportation industry invested in clean energy resources for future American auto. Safer communities overall with many Americans spending their time at good paying jobs. The President and Vice President have been opening the doors of the People's house with record numbers of visitors that are able to sign their names and often voice their opinions on social media to share with our Beloved American community. The Biden-Harris administration has created a new wave of social recognition through the power of a citizens matter campaign. College students who are usually the lowest wage workers, due to entry level experience and college entrance, are able to gain direct deposit relief and grant funding through their universities for their hard work. Free speech has been an opportunity for all people to share new ideas that can make our society better. The American Experience has been enhanced with more Americans able to take control of their finances and determine new career paths earlier in life. The health care services of this administration has set a new standard of mass public health administration. America has motivated scientist to create new health care shots, vaccines and medicines to keep our young generations safe from future global diseases.

The holiday season is here and high travel volumes have reached their peak across the country. More people have been feeling safer and financially secure to travel via train, bus, interstate, cruise, and airplane. This administration's center point focus is "Quality of Life". We have all learned that the way we live our lives is the most important aspect of our American Experience. Self-Determination to an excellent life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our core American values. The Biden-Harris administration is filled with the world's best problem solvers. Developing creative solutions to citizens problems like the ability to apply for public housing assistance, federal student aid, small business loan options, creditors who work with self-represented litigants, child care services with Pre-K for government subsidies, community colleges data analysis collection of student entries by semester and so much more.

The next generations of young leaders approach the public administration management level with enthusiasm. We acknowledge the necessity of unified work ethics, joining in collaboration of technology ideas, prospects for government financing, international platforms for global change initiatives, and the unified stance against tyranny. Rebuilding the foundations left from a wide spread American population will be challenging yet we learn from listening to the needs of our fellow American citizens. American citizens matter. In every corner of the country we see masses of Americans needing healthcare assistance in rural areas. Limited access to proper health care in rural areas compared to urbanized areas has been a problem since before the 90's babies were even born.

Many rural or sub-urban areas still don't have emergency medical practice centers open 24 hours, 7 days a week or open on Saturday and Sunday. Mental health care for households with guns have a higher likelihood of young people committing suicide in rural areas than urbanized areas. Yet, it is cheaper to own a house in a rural area than urbanized areas for countless reasons like land, water, school districts, and other amenities. Inter connectivity of rail systems, air routes, waterways including major rivers have to be managed in preparation of re-population to new destinations. Long-term investments of the Biden-Harris administration have earned Americans an excellent quality of life. Resilience building through community engagements will grant us time to enhance existing government programs to assist American citizens with their daily problems.

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