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Constitutional Protections Cultural Diversity Training Project

By Diwata Thomas

Florida State University

Author Note

Constitutional protections are our basic human rights. For the advancement of racial integrity and disciplines that focus on human justice. Power to the people.

Constitutional Protections Cultural Diversity Training Project

Constitutional protections in the workplace have a significant role in implementing new diversity training program requirements for all employees. White Fragility by Robin Diangelo discusses the critical issues of race talk in the workplace and how it affects employee productivity, manager reliability, and employee compensation. Diangelo identifies the types of statements used by employees that can come off as race talk microaggressions. White Fragility presents the conclusive ideas on the subtle racism and sexism that occurs in the workplace. Many of the workplace racism talks occur in an implicit manner or through small microaggression phrases and ideas that are commonly accepted without correction. (Diangelo, 2018) Diangelo discusses the clear violation of constitutional rights that limit employees abilities to gain higher promotion or raise in pay status. (Diangelo, 2018)

Employee’s constitutional protection in the workplace covers pressing diversity training issues like inclusion, representation, and equality. Inclusion in the workplace gives public managers the ability to allow all employees a voice in the projects and assignments that must be completed for operational success and career advancement. Representation allows people of different cultural diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to present their own ideas and opinions on unit operations and management criteria. Equality is vital for a successful workplace because it means all employees and managers have the same ability to be financially compensated and benefits for the work they complete. The U.S. constitution protects public employees from the clear discrimination, implicit and explicit biases, racisms and sexism that can occur through microaggressions and macroaggressions in the workplace.

The Constitutional Protections Cultural Diversity Training Project allows public managers the ability to change the work dynamics and openly discusses racial tensions that can lead to poor productivity, unhappy work environment, and lack of employee compensation packages. White Fragility is an excellent book to use for training material in this new diversity training project because of the innovative ideas and concepts that have not been discussed in many public organizational normatives. The Constitutional Protections Cultural Diversity Training Project will ensure that all employees gain proper inclusion, representation and equality in the workplace dynamic. Inclusion in the workplace is vital to gaining the trust of public managers, employees and department information sharing. Employee representation is vital for public organizations that give a full representation of the racial diversity and the intellectual capacities of our communities. Equality in the workplace starts with management gaining the proper procedural abilities to give merit based rewards to employees that have earned a raise in pay, benefits or a promotion.

Inclusion training will dispel the ideas of racial inferiority that create unjustified unequal treatment of employees. Prejudice and discrimination must be eliminated from the workplace environment and create new methods of team building. Effective communication skills start with inclusion of work related projects that can benefit employee’s personnel development. Certain aspects of this training project includes the ability for employees to understand constitutional protections of speech, assembly, and right to protest. Many employees can join a public service union that gives employees the ability to voice their opinions and concerns about company management. Freedom of assembly allows employees to organize and hold seminars that pertain to the company management regulations for job productivity. Organization unions create new positive inclusion tactics that give each employee a voice in the company decisions that affect their lives. (Campos, 2022) The right to protest must be protected and notify employees involved of their rights within the company guidelines and regulations before actions are taken. Formal training on the grievance process will allow employees the ability to have their voice heard and a formal investigation on the allegations submitted to the internal human resource committee.

Representation in the workplace means hiring employees that are representative of the local population or target population who are aligned with company goals and objectives. Workplace racial representation can give employees the right to explain themselves for making certain manager decisions. For instance, Diangelo states that an equilibrium occurs when racially diverse people come together to build business capital. New human resource training on specifically altering anger, shutting down and/or turning out, indulgence in emotional incapacitation such as guilt or “hurt feelings,” exiting, or a combination of these responses results. (Diangelo, 2018) Primary issues with lack of representation is when offices don’t allow people to speak their ideas and personal background experiences. Role playing is a vital training concept that employees must learn in order to experience the work relations of culturally diverse people. Role playing will allow employees to feel represented and understood on company related policies and issues that involve their expertise. In role playing, employees must give argument wins and losses to understand a new balanced relationship in the office.

Equality in the workplace starts with upper management and it spreads throughout the company. Company wide seminars will help employees understand the new equality goals that include promotions for positive work status and increases in raises. World renowned human resource managers, CEOs, and public figures can give multiple speeches on the equality development training program. Inspiration cultivates organization goals while keeping positive public relations and new opportunities to showcase company skills, training, and formal education. Employees that are trained in equality will follow certain guidelines that build trust including: don't judge other people, make no assumptions, assume good intentions, speak the truth, and respect others. (Diangelo, 2018) When employees are trained to use these guidelines while cooperating on work related projects the organization becomes more efficient.

Challenges to the Constitutional Protections Diversity Training Project are biased employees' discussion opinions that don’t allow for an open and honest conversation. Diangelo talks about how it is hard to have an open conversation about race relations in the workplace because sometimes employees are trying to hide their racial biases. Involving specific types of role playing sessions that would give different reactions based on racial experiences for issues in the workplace like company meetings, section projects, and presentations. Hierarchical positions can interfere with effective communication that gives certain employees a sense of lack of respect for their work accomplishments. For instance, when public managers don’t allow employees to freely express their beliefs, freedom of speech, or assembly on work related concepts it hinders the employee’s constitutional right protections. Mitigating challenges in the workplace dynamic allows for an open relationship between employees that gives positive feedback and creates new social normatives.

The Constitutional Protections Diversity Training Project builds the organizational fundamentals on racial inclusion, representation and equality. Diangelo presents fresh ideas on human resource management and employees ability to be humble and honest in the workplace. This training will build on the new implications of work dynamics and give access to new resources that build organizational human capital. Resilient employee training tactics will give staff the long term development training to gain raises and promotions.


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