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Debate: Politics versus Administration

Resolve: Public administration institutions are the frameworks for political voices through various public government, non profit, and nongovernmental organizations.

Representative government is the bases of the democracy that we hold valuable as Americans. Individuals who see themselves as leaders of the free world and an idealistic model of true American belief are people that work in Administrative roles. The difference between Politics and Administration are the solutions which we propose to current issues within our country and around the world. Public Administrators are the individuals who facilitate and enforce the laws and policies that we vote to establish in our democracy. Politics is about getting a representative that reflects your essential values as an American citizen to office. We believe that our elected officials hold the solutions to our problems and will fight for our collective well being. Public administrators will often work through countless administrations in various roles that reflect their ideals as they continue their career in government. Many of the politicians at local government offices have held positions in administrative roles before becoming elected to office. I find it interesting that many of the people who are career politicians have decided that they would continuously run for election because of their experience from different terms. Individuals that have held long term limits have been successful in different states and parts of congress at the state and federal levels.

Citizens rely on the information that elected officials give to guide the way through enforcing the rules of our society. We use the ideas, phrases and comments that they give to understand our place in our local community. I'm really proud of the Democrats that are in office right now. It seems like we have been working harder every month to gain the resources that our local citizens need to reach their American Dreams. Like I've written before, it is our greatest American Experience that holds us together. Life as an American citizen has been getting better and better for all people of different races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds and heritages.

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