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Debate Topics Fall 2021

  1. The US Senate should abolish the filibuster

  2. The "Great Firewall" of China violates human rights

  3. The USFG should cut military spending

  4. The US federal debt limit should be abolished

  5. Gerrymandering is the greatest threat to US democracy

  6. The USFG should have term limits for Supreme Court Justices

  7. On balance, state universities are better than private universities

  8. U.S. states should impose stricter homeschool guidelines

  9. The USFG should establish an upper age limit for presidential candidates

  10. The USFG should significantly increase aid to Central America

  11. The USFG should impose more regulations on social media sites

  12. The USFG should impose more regulations on cryptocurrency

  13. The U.S. Democratic Party is in a civil war

  14. The US should adopt a more international approach to the threat of monopolies

  15. When in conflict, public health concerns ought to outweigh economic concerns

  16. To improve safety there needs to be police reform

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