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Ethics: Self-Determination

Searching for peace in the face of personal conflict shows our deepest humanistic characters that embodies who we are as a society. Humanity and human touch are embedded in our social constructs of who or what we believe will be widely accepted. Institutions that recognize us as the human beings we are and not the entitlements that we have gain or lack. Ethics and self determination of the quality of human being we will become shows up in every daily action. By self-determination we believe that we have the right to choose our own fate and manifest destiny in the eyes of our loved ones and peers.

I chose a path for myself no matter who might think negative towards me. Earning my privilege and upward social mobility must be the contributed to the joy and passion of working towards our community goals. My vision is clear, failure is not an option because it does not exist. Self determination is to decide your best interest in the face of true opposition. Understanding the odds and the projected future implications of making a choice will help decide which option is going to bring self-satisfaction.

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