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Graduate Student Writing Skills

Main Idea: Students desire to improve their writing skills using the instructor's feedback (Gredler, 2018).

Students preferred feedback that followed the assignment rubric criteria. Students enhanced their performance on upcoming assignments based on the feedback they received when editing their work (Gredler, 2018). Professors and students build professional relationships by engaging in the writing process. Students understand that embracing their preferences is vital to writing skill development. Improvement in writing skills from instructor feedback will increase students’ self-regulation of their academic work. Improving students' motivation, reducing anxiety, and enhancing students' personal writing goals are aspects of instructor feedback (Gredler, 2018). According to Gredler (2018), “feedback is how students learn and grow in their writing and understanding of information” (pg.197). Teachers that provide comments and corrections are investing in the professional writing skills of their students (Fatima Zohra & Hamitouche, 2022).

One challenge to the writing process is that critical responses must be easily comprehended for the student to improve. (Oyler, 2014). The students must have substantive feedback that allows them to improve their writing skills and progress with each new assignment (Gredler, 2018). Final evaluations from instructors will show recent results that students should review and reflect on to improve their writing skills (Walden University, LLC, n.d.). Students prefer proximal and detailed feedback on their rubrics or track changes to help them strengthen their writing skills (Gredler, 2018). Self-motivated students will reread the assignment and create new research methods that help them maintain discipline in research writing (Wentworth, 2020). Challenges with self-motivation and monitoring responsive styles to instructor feedback can determine if students are aligned with the assignment criteria and learning objectives (Gredler, 2018). According to Gredler (2018), “students who received personalized feedback scored significantly higher and were more satisfied with the course than those who received collective feedback” (pg. 199). Tutors should balance positive and critical feedback while assessing the course materials directed by the learning objectives (Fatima Zohra & Hamitouche, 2022).


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