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Leadership during COVID-19

Leadership during crisis is different than leadership in regular situations because of the intensity of the crisis and the severity of the repercussions of making decisions. It is possible that during times of crisis people need transformational leaders to inspire them to work harder through a difficult time. Leadership is harder during times of crisis because people are often panicking and frighten of what is happening that they don't understand the new direction leadership is providing. Public service leadership have the hardest task of making and updating rules and policies that pertain to COVID-19 victims. The repercussions of COVID-19 has dramatically change the leadership in the US and has driven many people to look for federal assistance. The implications of COVID-19 and the new leadership is to get people back on track to their lifestyles. Regular leadership has it's difficulties like day to day operations, commanding a department or unit, overseeing production, establishing relationships with associates, gaining momentum on a successful quarter, providing assistance to customers or personnel, creating a operational personnel unit to function effectively, and many other tasks. The basis of leadership during a crises is to identify the problem and start troubleshooting to alleviate the issue

I am immensely proud of our 2021 United States leadership. We have the best teams in place to combat the toughest health crisis issues in the 21st century. Domestically, we are contributing to the greater global governance of the world and beyond universal health care needs. Particular attention given to many issues that are important to our US citizens and global human race. The future leaders of the world will thank our current leadership for the plans and bills they put in place now. Young future leadership will look back at our lives and see how grateful we were for having a plan that will keep our US global interests. Until, the future and beyond.

Diwata Thomas

xoxo- young supreme leader

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