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Learning religious diversity: Modern Sufism

Abū Madyan is first arif bi Allah or Ma'arifa which means knowledge of God or the Sufi practices and religious experiences. Da'i are missionaries that spread the word of God and are preachers to the Quran. Imam is the guide, leader of Sunni Islam or political and spiritual leader of Muslims, lineage of the Prophet Muhammad, Qudwa (model) is the leader and serves as a model for the Sufism faith central to Prophethood.

Sidi Abu Madyan was asked about the love for God. "The first [love for God]," he said, "constant repetition of God's name; the second consists in familiarizing oneself with Him; the third, which is the most sublime, is detach all attention from things and have nothing in sight but God."

(al-Bustan, 111)

ibadat (rituals) taught and indicated by Abu Madyan for people that seek love and company of God through practice to reach the Divine Truth.

Modern Sufism is a tremendous part of the Islamic Faith and the righteousness of many devoted followers. In the American Public Administrative perspective Sufism creates the ideological pathways to a higher divinity in which through the commandments that were granted by Muhammad and the founders of Allah's word (God) we can become devoted members of a meaningful life. Fulfillment of the word of Allah comes from many guides which are spoken through Da'i who are missionaries that spread the word of God through pilgrimages to Holy sites and around the globe. We can see similarities between the Christian, Mormon, Judaism and Muslim people around the world who have historically fought for their religious beliefs. The differences between radical religious followers and devoted religious missionaries are the actions they take when confronted with government and political opposition. The government affiliated party or opposition can have a clear separation of church and state but "true believers" of faith may not agree. The important role that international governments have on their people is controlling their reach on individuals citizen sovereignty to choose which religious ideals they discern for themselves. The modern issues with religious wars or religious afflicted attacks that are claimed by "true believers" or of the "last holy war" comes from the destruction of state and government properties in clear protest and riots.

In previous world history, Crusaders of the Christian faith would sail to one continent to the next spreading the word of Jesus Christ. The Spanish inquisition would spread the word of Catholic faith throughout East Asia, North America Mexico, South America and Caribbean Cuba. Even the Muslim faith has spread around the Middle East and Eurasia. Different nationalities have begun to incorporate the values of different religions into their educational teachings which provokes a new era of modern governance. Through deeper understanding of political cultures we are able to view the other diverse individual's life. I find this type of religious teaching interesting, although it is very different from my own. Through my Middle Eastern studies we have discuss the necessity of becoming a equitable and diverse community which accepts all nationalities within our stance of global governance. The possibilities of understanding someone's religious cultures often falling align with how quickly you can learn the essentials of a language. For which true religious beliefs is directed throughout statements and prayer teachings passed down from generation to generation.

Finding the peace within conflicting faith and ideologies is necessary to gaining rue understanding of the opposition. People from all over the world come together to show their beliefs to others in the hopes that they will be understood. I believe it is in our basic human nature to long for a deeper understanding of each other. When people get into an argument they are looking for a mediator who will at least understand their side. If they do not find someone that can remain unbiased to their ideas then it has been historic that they will find other means of getting someone to listen to their ideas.

I continue my studies learning of the different religions of the world and how they all believe they have a divine purpose. In my career, there have been many people who have told stories of their lives stating that it was within divine purpose that they became who they are today. I can say that it is my purpose to find new ideas that can be brought to the conflicts, disparities, and injustices that wreck our society.

Resolve: A true leader finds the truth within the conflicts of our everyday lives and puts forward new laws, policies and procedures to find a resolution.


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