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Welcome to my Blog!

I'm excited to share some thoughts and feelings about my life, education, work and everything currently cycling the news media. I've genuinely had a lot of time to think about the current state of the world and how my contributions can be a part of bigger picture. I'm happy to be continuing college this Spring Semester at Florida State University for a Masters in Public Administration. So far, I'm doing excellent work in my graduate studies and a lot of what I post will come from my research during my graduate degree. Some posts will be about my life and how I've been progressing as a professional.

Recently, I've been researching everything from the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), White House News, CBS news, ABC news, topics in Advanced Terrorism, various public organizations, and financial management. Ideas from graduate class will probably posted with my opinions and interpretations. Clips of news or YouTube videos of current events that relate to the world of Public Administration.

Democracy is all about having the opportunity to voice your opinions. To choose the right path for yourself. Get all the resources you need from public figures and public organizations. Express freedom of speech and embrace the liberties that are granted to you as a United States citizen. I'm humble to have a chance to share some ideas.

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