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Meeting Capital City of Florida Mayor John E. Dailey

Since joining the Florida State University student Democrats organization, I have had the opportunity to meet with Mayor of Tallahassee Mr. Dailey. Mayor Dailey was kind enough to talk about all the city improvements that he has made since taking office as a bipartisan candidate. His major goals are the focus on the effective productivity of the Tallahassee community. The city is dedicated to new infrastructure projects including upkeeping roads, electricity, air quality, water systems and sewage drainage. Many of the municipal cities in the state of Florida run off the guidance of the capital city of Tallahassee. The capital city has become an information hub to network new ideas for the current state wide municipal city issues. For instance, COVID-19 created new policies that were first implemented in the city of Tallahassee and disbursed throughout the other cities of Florida. Mask mandates, free masks give away, community food drives, mandatory curfews, creation of health post for testing and vaccinations were first implemented in the Capital city.

The Mayor talked about the new achievements of the 100 percent solar electric system that the Tallahassee government system runs on. The Tallahassee International Airport was approved for new international shipping flights that can be used as another port for city government revenue. Amazon has decided to create a new production plant in the south west part of Tallahassee which is expected to create new jobs for locals. Many of the city governments tasks are to create a safe and prosperous community that displays the best qualities of the local cities in the state of Florida. The Mayor told us he would be running for re-election after his current term and is excited to continue the new city government projects in the future.

Check out more information on our Capital City of Florida Mayor Dailey

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