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Modern Mumpreneurs

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

How does Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs relate to your proposed dissertation topic or field of interest? How does it relate to public policy and administration?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs demonstrates the motivations of human needs that are categorized into five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. The article I read on the relationship between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and mumpreneurs intentions discusses these motivations to fulfill human needs. A mumpreneur is defined as “an individual who discovers and exploits new business opportunities within a social and geographical context that seeks to integrate the demands of motherhood and business ownership” (Abdelsalam et al., 2022; Ekinsmyth, 2011). Mumpreneurs take on roles in the Arab world differently which affects their motivations for human needs like self-actualization.

This research has been peer-reviewed because it includes previous studies on mumpreneurs that have been analyzed by the entrepreneurial opportunities of different genders, low and middle-income countries, and high-income countries (Abdelsalam et al., 2022). Certain countries like Jordan were found to be restricted to follow their entrepreneurial dreams yet the United Kingdom’s government was found to be very supportive and encouraging to do their own business. According to Abdelsalam et al (2022), “mumpreneurs experience independence as a necessity rather than an opportunity”. These women must be very strong to have dual responsibility for motherhood and business so they can work hard and achieve their objectives and aspirations (Abdelsalam et al, 2022).

The research on mumpreneurship is under-researched and has not been a well-studied topic in public administration. The concept of mumpreneurship was not studied until recently in Pakistan (Tariq, 2018). The literature review was limited to this mumpreneurship topic and how public administrations motivate mothers in business to create new consumer products and services. The research study used a quantitative cross-sectional method to collect the data online (Abdelsalam, 2022). The questionnaire was checked against SPSS coded software, validity and reliability of the hypothesis, and the null hypothesis (Abdelsalam et al., 2022). The results of the Abdelsalam et al. (2022) study showed significant influence on mumpreneur intention were esteem needs and self-actualization needs. The physiological needs, security needs, and belonging needs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs were not found to be significant.

Abdelsalam et al. (2022) study was found to be concurrent to other research studied by Boneberger and Kirilova (2015) which found that economic factors played a small contribution to a woman’s decision to become a business owner. Another study by Rosa et al. (1996) similarly found that money and financial achievement did not contribute to mumpreneurs following their intrinsic needs. Nel et al. (2010) found that self-employed mothers were playing double roles gaining respect for their business and family by not having to ask their husbands for money. Overall, the Abdelsalam et al. (2022) study is a highly valued peer-reviewed study in the field of public administration that can help researchers develop new hypotheses on mothers in business and government influences on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


Abdelsalam, R., Al-Haddad, S., & Sharabati, A. (2022). Relationship between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and mumpreneurial intentions. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 20(3), 387–399.

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