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Movie Review: "Voyagers" written and directed by Neil Burger

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This weekend I took some time for myself to grab snacks and a RedBox movie at my local Winn-Dixie kiosk. I've seen the commercials for this movie well before they released it on DVD. I was stoked to finally watch it at home with my trusty DVD player. This movie is a sci-fiction version of a end of world scenario that forces humankind to develop a backup plan for survival. Voyagers are children that grew up in the NASA space center, generically chosen from embryo and sperm as the fastest and highly intelligent human space travelers. These children are tested at youth and made to travel far into the universe to reach a habitable planet. However, the original children don't make it to the planet because it will take three generations to make it (if nothing goes wrong..) to the new habitable earth-like planet. Voyagers are young, fighters, lovable, and intelligent leaders. Picking the alpha voyager to lead the rest of the voyagers into the future of human survival.

I honestly loved this movie! If you're a sci-fiction fanatic like myself, then you'll enjoy this action packed movie. Most of the actors are young adults and are making their first time experience to the "big screen" movie scene. Voyagers reminded me of my previous post about visiting the NASA Kennedy Space Center and their new space programs sending a person of color and a woman on the moon for the first time. The new Artemis program seems like a step towards this sci-fiction ideal that has been shown in the movies. Looks like the current Biden-Harris administration is making big strides in cooperating with NASA for their scientific goals.

I've always been an advocate speaker of the US scientific discoveries and imaginative ideals that humans have created through story telling. Social interactions and the night time stories of generations must have established a strong hold of the new space exploration goals. Voyagers gave me a realization that the next future leaders of the US will have to make key decisions on how the future of human kind will exist and the world that we will establish through laws. The Voyagers had a choice in the movie to continue following the programed laws for the space crew in case of an emergency or to establish new leadership and laws. Ironically, there was a huge fight between the young adults that had grown up in space and far away from the Earth space station they were born in.

I wonder if the future leaders of the country will be the same in our growth and establishing our diverse skill sets. We seem to have a strong motivation in our ideals past down from an older generation. But fights often break out and the struggle of staying on top despite our differences grows on us everyday. Only until we make compromises to our personal agendas and listen to each other will we be able to make effective change. Knowledge is acquired by the highly intelligent young leaders but putting the information into practice is a barrier we must break. Frustration of working on single cases and not a generalization of current policies is apparent. For now, it seems like we must voice our opinions to get new ideas across to an older generation that makes the definitive rules.

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