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"My vision for positive social change"

Positive social change is creating new policies and methods to give the public the resources they need to become successful in their community. My vision for positive social change comes from creating new initiatives that can help individuals realize their potential and goals for their future. Community organizations build the foundations for young people to become comfortable in their own identity and can build a personal character that can be illuminated through small acts of kindness. Social justice reform is my field of expertise which comes from my strong background in justice ministry organizations, political groups, and civil rights movements. Positive social change is a movement that must be accepted by the general public and reflect positive outcomes through policy implementation. My academic goals are to gain a better understanding of how public policies are implemented and the statistical analysis research that helps improve the lives of our citizens. Walden University's mission and vision can help me achieve my goals through active participation in my field of interest. I can grow as an academic scholar professional to determine my own ideas on public policy and create new analyses of current situations.

In my profession, positive social change can be seen in the courtroom when individuals meet to settle a family law case. The legal environment brings legitimacy to the process of building a contractual agreement (Centre for Public Impact, 2017, September 29). The parties agree to make a commitment that will determine the attitude, behaviors, and obligations of each person directly involved in the case. The case manager can organize specific instances where confidentiality and protecting individuals from abuse of their personal data will help alleviate negative changes in a case (Centre for Public Impact, 2017, June 20). Case information is sensitive and must be kept in confidence that all parties will protect personal information. The impact of positive social change can help civil rights initiatives that change our daily lives, from living wages, food security, water, education, and personal identity (Jarpe-Ratner, E., 2020). Walden University's mission is to help students achieve their personalized goals. I can gain the knowledge I need to become a great civil rights leader.

From a holistic point of view, civil rights movements can help promote positive social change in different departments of the government, from the federal, state, and local levels. The goal of the federal government is to make policies that must have specific guidelines to promote their agenda on self-identity, food security, public safety, and other public policy issues. However, the new deals within the federal government must include all citizens and allow different people to qualify for these government programs at the state and local government levels (Sullings, G., 2019, September 2). Civil rights movements create an ideology based on the inclusion and welcoming of citizens to new government lead programs to help them achieve their American aspirations. My vision for positive social change is when our communities come together to make a better standard of living for all people. True inclusion to public programs, uplifting the economic status of low- and middle-income households, and creating new career pathways to help citizens reach their individualized dreams. My academic residencies help me listen to my peers on what they are currently researching. Online residencies give me the opportunity to reach out to different peers that cannot make it to in-person residencies. Peers from online residencies are from around the world and can give a different perspective on public policies that directly affect their geographical location. In-person residencies are great networking opportunities that give me a personalized experience of how we conduct our professional debates and conversations. Residencies are great to build experience with other professionals that know their specific field and determining how your own experiences can relate to their career. Overall, residencies are helpful, intelligence-building, and cultivate your personality. I can achieve my goals for positive social change.


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