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National Geospatial - Intelligence (NGA) Policy: Russia and Nicaragua

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) must support autonomous military operations, human-machine teaming, humanitarian drug crisis, and create complex strategic policy actions that will gather Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT). According to the claims that Russia is actively building a Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the NGA must use reconnaissance techniques that will enable accurate navigational and intelligence information. For instance, the location of these Russian Spy facilities varies in different reports provided. Creating GEOINT on the true nature of the Russian spy centers in Nicaragua will assist American intelligence personnel to track known and unknown Russian spy apparatuses. Particular training of humanitarian and military operations and anti-drug trafficking has been allegedly designed in these local forces training programs in Nicaragua.

Since 2018, the Nicaragua national government has experienced social reforms that resulted in violent protests in the streets. The undemocratic nature of the Presidential election in which the Nicaragua’s Supreme Court and electoral council, who are loyal to Ortega blocked the leading opposition candidate thus resulting in the reelection of Ortega. Ortega has been widely known as a sympathizer and ally of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Retaliation from the United States (U.S.) government came from the Inter-American Development Bank to postpone a $65 million loan to Nicaragua to show unsatisfactory regards to the Nicaraguan democratic election process. NGA 2025 strategy states that we can investing in the ability to master technology and leverage diversity to continuous raise a mew inclusive regional political developments in Nicaragua and allied countries.(NGA, 2022)

In conjunction with the Ortega and Putin alliance, the GEOINT collection must track all investments in intercepting Internet traffic in the ARCOS 1 fiber-optic cable that could link to the new Russian satellite site on the lip of the Laguna de Nejapa crater as a spy facility. Allegations link to the Nicaraguan officials that have said it will be used for GLONASS, Russia’s equivalent of GPS. In 2015, Nicaragua's parliament passed a resolution that allowed Russian warships to dock in Nicaraguan ports and continue patrolling in coastal waters. Nicaragua began receiving armored personnel carriers, aircraft, and mobile rocket launchers. The 2025 NGA Strategy includes partnerships which fuel and drive the entire global GEOINT community by transforming NGA acquisition trade craft and contracting to enable efficient and mutually beneficial partnerships and supplier engagement. (NGA, 2022) The NGA must work with local Nicaraguan contracting services to gather intelligence on the Russian activities in the Nicaraguan and neighboring South American countries.

The objectives for the NGA would be to collect visual images from space satellites of the regions believed to be controlled by Russian aggression. The number of satellites capable of controlling the region's electric internet connection must be increased to gain United States leverage in South America cyberspace.Technology solutions for counter terrorism and espionage tactics created by Russian spies must be created through the NGA who have direct control over new space technologies. In the modern space race we must include cyberspace capabilities to have eyes in the sky and beyond, that allows US government officials to view new points of construction and contact within Nicaragua and neighboring countries. The Deputies Council must remain open to the suggestions and new capabilities to gain information in space technologies. Advanced space technologies capable of viewing through oceans to detect submarines and ships from space and rival countries maritime routes. NGA must create the capability to view inside buildings and new construction sites that could be used for espionage on the United States and regional allies

Privacy and Security policy concerns with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency ensures that the personal, private information of all United States citizens are using the abilities to enhance their protection against cyber hackers. The Privacy Act of 1974 protects individuals from the unwarranted invasion of privacy but grants the government abilities to need personal information. Specific policy concerns for the NGA helps the government hold information that is needed on people of interest through cyber technology. International affairs and the capabilities of our American government offices must be expanded in the context that protects American citizens and American intelligence interests.

Issuing the NGA new policy objectives to collect and distribute information to key intelligence officials on the Russian international affairs in South America. Keeping the Russian South American abilities limited through American relations with key neighboring countries and eliminating any threats to American sovereignty in the western hemisphere. A unique perspective of the Russian accused spy facilities and technology information to South American countries have been used to delegitimize the democratic ideal of the western hemisphere. Ongoing intelligence investigations ensure that American ideals are being upheld in the region and that Russian espionage and state sponsored terrorism is countered by intelligence departments like the NGA.


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