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Poetry: Mirror image of myself

My peers live in a world all their own.

I wonder if they notice my distant heart break.

Or the crack in my voice when I talk about my recent past.

Is it possible that they feel the pain of my quiet words?

Do they have the experience to find the broken pieces of my story and fix a life that was supposed to be mine?

Was it the moment that I first saw you, that I knew I wanted a different type of life?

Funny how we look back, way before we were broken and laugh about our little moments.

Too bad I believe in a system that we didn't really understand.

Too bad I'm part of a system that feels like it's tearing my heart apart.

I chase a dream were you're in it with me.

Day dreams and nightmares.

Waking up in the middle of the night to console the other side of my mind.

Realizing it was you, looking for someone to find a deeper sense of understanding.

I was there to hold you inside, slowly trying desperately to find those glass shards from the mirror image of yourself.

The picture shows you fighting with yourself and now we don't know where all the pieces fell.

People come and go.

Some help and some don't.

I just hope we put back the parts that made you the person I once knew.

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