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Poor People's Campaign: The 3rd Reconstruction

The 3rd Reconstruction is a proposed policy change that deals with the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, the denial of health care, militarism, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism that blames the poor instead of the systems that cause poverty.

We need this reconstruction to help low-wage income people across this nation. Unions and working-class Americans are struggling to afford housing, food, health care, transportation, clean water, electricity, and education. There are so many issues that the 3rd reconstruction must fix, yet, we can start this legislative session. We can continue the work of civil rights leaders and become leaders that help all Americans. We need Congress to act now. Forward together, not one step back.

Alleviating poverty from the bottom up means giving low-wage citizens a voice and helping them with financial issues. In mediation, we have a long worksheet of financial obligations that a person is entitled. We work to inform people before they create and sign a stipulation they are to fully understand their financial obligations. Before COVID-19, 140 million people were poor, low wealth, or one emergency away from economic ruin, we must work as public administrators to alleviate some financial burdens that hinder a person's success. Quality of livelihood should not suffer because we don't make enough income. For instance, a single mother of five children works to feed, clothe, and educate her children. The struggles of a mother of five have their limits. Economic poverty means living on a fixed income, food stamps/EBT, basic healthcare for their dependent children, public school education, free lunch vouchers, and other government assistance.

Many of the men and women working in poverty have experienced systemic racism.

Whereas systemic racism takes the form of laws and policies that target people of color, especially poor people of color, to create and deepen inequities in democracy, health, economic security, education, housing, jobs, policing, incarceration, criminalization, and immigration, which has contributed to the disproportionate impact of COVID–19 on poor communities of color. Men and women that have experienced job loss, loss of education opportunities, high loan interest rates to consolidate debt, credit card declined/ closed accounts, credit recovery, repossession of loaned/leased items, including vehicles, furniture, electronics, and foreclosures.

The 3rd reconstruction aims to change policies on the official poverty measure (OPM) and the supplemental poverty measure (SPM) which will readjust the true cost of living for family household sizes. The burdens of today's cost of living must be readjusted to the prices of essential items and services. The moral commitment establishes new legislation, justice systems, and human resources that must become accessible to all people of poor or low-wage incomes in America. The 3rd reconstruction is a moral movement across this nation that needs to help working-class Americans achieve their American aspirations.

The 3rd reconstruction is about protecting the right to vote, in a country where our history was to have literary tests, which were demeaning and embarrassing tests, to determine if you could vote for the candidate of your choice. The 3rd reconstruction is about giving public schools in rural and suburban areas the racial representation of teachers, education professionals, and students. Giving poverty-stricken students the abilities to learn, become healthy, and develop their personal character. The nation must face the truth of racial healing and embody the transformation of race relations. Restorative justice processes for reparations of Aboriginal people and Indigenous people.

These problems and statistical analysis of our poorest American communities represent the moral revival and policy changes needed to create a better American aspiration for all people. The forces of economics, health care, and the working class must rise in unity to provide better outcomes for current extenuating circumstances. Extenuating conditions of poverty and low-wage family households should not hinder an individual's ability to become the best qualities of the American aspiration.

I hope you consider the lives of other people in your local community that might be going through poverty. When we work together, we are able to do amazing things.

Please sign the petition by the Poor People's Campaign launching the 3rd Reconstruction.

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