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Noun- 1 (a) : Something kept hidden or unexplained: mystery

Politics is often like a mystery novel setting the plot to advance characters together or pull a united union apart. The protagonist to a sad story that reveals a deeper symbolism to their agenda. Everyone has a secret story just bubbling inside them. Some people try to hide it behind a closed office door, a get out of the house quick moment, an impulse buy, the next "goodbye" or at a mic. Studying Politics is the study of social human interactions where some players decide to live in their truth and some decide to make noise for a cover up. In Graduate school, the teams that talk about themselves often work the best together. Yet, confusion is likely to happen even to the strongest team leaders. I've noticed that leaders stick together even when some in the group fight back. Any other combination just wouldn't make sense. Leaders run in packs that carry the weight for the rest.

Secrets are a heavy burden to bare, however humbling moments they may be while revealed there is always a "next fight" that masses of followers decide they are worthy. For instance, a lower educated person becoming a teacher, a maid to a housewife, a high school dropout to a CEO, and a lonely student to a world leader. Symbolism portrays a life story that speaks volumes to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. Last time, I talked about how frustrating it can be working case by case. The real frustration is working through the secrets and healing from a broken past. I've never met a single person that didn't have a hard time adjusting their life to an unfortunate set of circumstances no matter how accomplished they might seem from an outside perspective. Some secrets must we must let go. Politics thrives on secrets. Every branch of government has countless secrets in every marbled floor, multi-story, grand hall and secure entranced building.

Protecting our secrets is vital to the process of real Democracy. The never-ending scenario of slowly building your character while divulging a secret. Gut-wrenching work keeping you up at night planning the next political move towards your ever evolving agenda. Power plays to win against a foreign or domestic actor in order to achieve a new secret from OPS specials teams. I'm interested in the future of secrets. For instance, how will this develop the political actors life goals? What works for others and what doesn't? Who represents the next American tragedy?

My secret:

I grew up in a world select (ethnicity choice: "other"). There were few and far between children at school like myself. I only knew a few biracial children in my high school and fewer in my college. Many of us saw the other but didn't talk or become close friends. Many that I did eventually faded away or weren't "real" friends later in life. It's an interesting life never becoming close friends with someone your age and specific ethnicity. To me: everyone feels like an other. I often rely on myself to accomplish tasks constantly thinking "only I can finish and excel." Achieving excellence is sport against myself because there is no one else in this entire state branch like me. Stronger, smarter, faster, better than any generation before me. Unique because diversity pulls together my greatest strengths. Secrets are weakness which we must overcome adversity.

I recently found out that in Florida District 7, I am less than one percent of the total population. Averaging 0.6% of all Biracial ethnicity consisting of African American and Asian descent. I thought this fact was really accurate to how it feels growing up in the "mixing pot of the American Dream". In secondary education, my social studies teacher would tell us that Americans come from all different ethnicities and backgrounds for a better life. The new world is more diverse than any other parts of the world. Life is similar to living in another world were everyone speaks the same language but all have a different life story. Understanding someone's story can constantly break away the prejudice and create equal justice.

Secrets run the world. I'm positive the next future leaders of the country will discover countless secrets towards the top. Battling for their seat at the table. Conflict resolution is resolving disputes peacefully without holding grudges that last years. Yet, the ability to become better individuals sticks to one's character. The future is a mystery and the pattern of life is holding it's own secrets against me.

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