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Taliban Women Oppression

Patriarchy argues the control of all members of society, wealth produced by the family and ownership of lands. Critical issues include the use of force, legitimacy, authority, and the ability to coerce women into undesired situations. We can associate the oppression of Taliban women through five major concepts including power, culture, identity, gender, and rights. Power can be described as the search for more power or the fear of losing it. Power is intangible for instance; money can be counted but power cannot. Culture determines the way people perceive their lives and conduct their livelihood. Since many Taliban women are oppressed, they don’t have the ability within their cultural heritage and traits to show their physical and mental characteristics. Identity is when culture provides people with a sense of belonging and personal traits. Personal identity can become fuel for escalation.

Escalation is prohibited from women in the Taliban government because they are supposed to be obedient patrons of their national government and family. Usually, individuals will fall back on their personal traits of what makes them who they are when in conflict. Yet without the collective group action the women of Taliban controlled government will have a harder time gaining legitimate social-political standing. Developing personal characteristics displays their greatest strength as women to make positive changes with their husbands and families. Gender biases among children at an early age from young boys and girls to men and women. Gender bias is very blunt in this region and their gender rules are a major influence of power within the household dynamic.

Rights are vital dimension of social and political conflict. Universal declaration of Human rights is an international doctrine for common set of values, integrity, and social justice. Human rights are established rules on how to treat people with different ideologies. Human rights are basic human natural that grants use life and happiness. Unfortunately, the Taliban women believe that their basic rights are to serve the family and promote their husband. The women don’t get a voice in their own wellbeing, but they could be the key to establishing new changes in the culture and methods of the Arab world.

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