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The Future of Space Travel

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Kennedy Space Center is named after Former President John F. Kennedy, who entered the United States of America into the international space race. The center is owned by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and has contracted out launch pads for space rockets, shuttles, and solar satellites. The center showcases the American history of Space technology and future implications of “Space the Next Frontier”. Some highlights of the center showcases the first failure of the Space Race killing three young astronauts that lost their lives on a routine preparation mission Apollo 1. However, this failure did not stop the American sciences and engineers who with a team of 400,000 employed accomplished placing the first human, Neil Armstrong, on the moon. The marvelous American achievements were due to the dedicated American lead team that were able to overcome all adversities that fell in their path. Upcoming missions to the Moon and Mars were discussed in the shows that spoke to the essence of the American space exploration. The incredible achievements of the present NASA scientist have prepared the next generations of astronauts and humans to inhabit the Moon and possibly Mars.

Artemis is the Greek goddess and twin sister of the Greek god Apollo, which represents America revisiting the Moon and beyond. Space missions from Apollo to present shows the aeronautics improvements involving rocket style space crafts to shuttle style space crafts which can reenter the earth’s atmosphere like an airplane. The Artemis program will be the first to place a woman and person of color on the Moon. Generations of preparation from politics, military and aeronautics personnel are making the future of space travel possible for human-kind. The humans that inhabit the moons and planets in the Milky way galaxy will be the future leaders of the Earth raising new superior dominance on the international politics that surrounds globalization.

Current, future political plans like zero carbon emissions by 2050 will be possible with NASA’s environmental plan. According to the Kennedy Space Center, the rockets that placed astronauts in orbit have been a combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules. Thus, allowing the space crafts that enter and reenter the earth's atmosphere to be zero carbon emissions with the typical fossil fuels like coal and ethanol gas. As the future of international politics evolves like the international space station and other national space entities across the globe evolve, so does the future of space technologies. Human beings have always wondered what was out in the “heavens” and what we can do to get closer to the unknown vast void of space travel. The future of humankind will not only be of humans globalizing the international dominance of countries but the ever calling space travel that projects human intelligence beyond known possibilities.

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