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The next generation of globalization

International order

The future of globalization will encompass greater possibilities of the American Dream. The future of international order will be constructed from the foundations set by the existing international frameworks. The current political climate including major domestic administration issues, plausible policy creation, trade agreements, NGOs and IGOs creating international infrastructure, private sector organizations moving toward the future technological age. Future technologies will be a utopian idealistic program that enables families and students to invest in the new sectors of the world.

The way I see the future is a lot like the turn of the 21sst century, when we young graduate students were growing up in a world of cell phones, color television, electric scooters, the original Gameboy and PlayStation, the "Cloud" and the internet without dial up... The future looks a lot like flying shuttles that run off electricity from solar panels, solar panels on rooftops of suburban households, water fueled zero carbon vehicles, and coastal trash recycling programs for the urban poor communities. Subsidies for intelligent students from pre-k to professional colleges that not only assists in the livelihood of the student but for their family that often has to support them while they continue higher education, investing in the abilities to keep soldiers safer with the resilience against any international adversity.

The current politics that speak to the necessities of the future will become prevalent to American families and international communities. People of color will be further integrated and discrimination will be a mark of mental persecution. Changing hearts and minds will be grated by the freedoms were bestow upon us by the Creator of our world. The higher authority that has made every life form has a plan that is better than manifest destiny. The embodiment of a prayer in reality. Hope will be globalizing people to have the basic necessities of life. Fulfillment is giving people the opportunity to do more for their fellow human.

The future of international order will be determined by the people that create a better tomorrow. Invest their livelihood in the manifest destiny of children and their fellow humans around the globe. Integrity to disregard the painful history of the past and encompass a rapport for the nest years ahead. My self determination had been set on this idealistic neoliberal phenomenon that is global integration. The masses of people around the globe will realize the future starts in the present, one step at a time.

Born to Lead.

For more information on the The World in 2050, check out this YouTube video!

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