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United States and Mongolia Intelligence Sharing Agreement

U.S. - Mongolia Relations have been established since 1987. The county of Mongolia borders Russia and China which makes them a very important “third neighbor”. Mongolia’s membership in International Organizations, bilateral economic relations, defense cooperation are key bilateral relations with the U.S. builds connectivity. Mongolia is a strategic ally to the U.S. because the U.S. holds membership with the United Nations, the ASEAN regional forum, the international monetary Fund, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Trade Organization. The United States must build bilateral trade relations with Mongolia for the full cooperation of Mongolia and their diplomatic relations with international organization allies. In return, the U.S. will share in the cooperation of strategic efforts to build the third world country’s economic production and reduce trade smuggling. The U.S. must assist Mongolia with international economic trade goods which totals 137.9 million exports and 18.2 million imports in 2021. (Census, 2021) Mongolia must use their international diplomatic vote to side with the U.S. on key regional and international issues that support US-Mongolian values.

International cooperation through the COVID-19 pandemic has made the U.S. and Mongolia relations commitment to the democratic processes that serves as a model for the region and the world. (President of Mongolia, 2021) The United States must stay resolved against the tyranny of the absolute control of democratic political systems that occur regionally in the Asian region. Mongolia must make clear trade agreements with the United States to keep a fair democratic process regardless of regional autocracy pressures by neighboring countries. In return, the United States will support Mongolia through medical research that can be used to make life supporting medicines for the future prosperity of Mongolia. Mongolia can use these life saving medical research to build new facilities in rural areas of their country predominantly occupied by Nomads.

The United States and Mongolia must have a bilateral agreement for enhanced border security of Mongolia’s region. Mongolia is bordered by two UN superpower countries that have bigger economies and international diplomatic power. It would be in Mongolia’s best interest to make an agreement with the United States to have new technology that will enhance their border. In return, the United States would acquire detailed information and additional government embassies and military bases in the county. The United States would be able to have military bases on the North and South border of Mongolia as 24/7 added military security. The US would be a great ally with Mongolia to have a new military security base within the county and an international embassy near the North and South borders. Since the US would give new security technologies on the North and South border to Mongolia the US would also gain in this agreement through regional security information that was mutually collected by Mongolia and the US.

Another agreement apart from security assurances in written form could be the domestic innovation of new laws and policies for workers benefits. For instance, the US has a system of public, private and nonprofit benefit packages that supports health care, retirement, and childcare, paid leave of absence and paid flextime. It would benefit Mongolia to adopt the similar strategic workforce benefits packages provided by the democratic structure of the US. In return the US would gain more domestic production from the Mongolians specifically in livestock, copper, animal products, coal, crude oil, wool, hides, and nonferrous metals. (OUSTR, 2015) Mongolia’s highest exports is agriculture where they graze animals and vast farmland usually sent to neighboring countries like China and Switzerland. (OUSTR, 2015)

Overall, the bilateral relationship of the United States and Mongolia would benefit the international community through mutual international dispute agreements and alliances, border security, intelligence gathering, economic production and domestic workforce regulations. Great countries like the United States and Mongolia have a special bond of communication and pathway for the future. Through a new bilateral agreement both countries would be able to show the world of the new economic relations and positive future international agreements that will help all citizens.


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