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Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Date: July 20, 2031

Diwata: “Good morning, [OP].”

OP: “Diwata Thomas’s office, mmhmm, may I ask who’s calling? Please, hold while I connect you to her direct line.” says my OPS assistant.

Diwata: “Good morning, I’m so glad you called. I have those new updates and reference lists available. I will send them via email as soon as I get out of my next meeting. Let’s catch lunch sometime. Great. Thank you for your dedication. Goodbye.”

I’ve been on the phone, setting up meetings, and scheduling new conference dates to attend. I’m excited to get started on my next project while I’ve finished writing our newest education policies. Attending the number one Public Administration College in the state of Florida was the best decision I made. Finally, I have a real chance at becoming the best public representative in the great state of Florida. I’ve worked my whole life studying political science and public policies to attain a PhD.

[Walking to the Florida chambers]

Diwata: “Good morning everyone. Thank you for having this meeting to discuss the new security policy agenda. My truest desires are to fulfill the current policy holes that have yet to keep up with the current events. Renewing policies that affect the smaller communities of Florida need to be addressed and we need bipartisan support for critical issues to be addressed. The significance of the newest security policies will advance the future of Florida’s families. Many of the state’s security policies will need to be reviewed to rediscover the new ideas and innovations technologies have developed in our future. I’m excited to discuss the recent research I have written about the critical cyber satellite data collected from NASA in Titusville, Florida. The NASA research design team is critically affiliated with the projected cyber warfare and domestic attacks by hackers. It is imperative to alleviate the abilities of cyber criminals that believe to sit at remote desks and spill their lies. The time is now to develop a new plan of action as the future of technologies has engulfed the citizens of Florida and our regulations should set the standard for the rest of the country.

In an ever changing world, security of individuals at hard target areas like stadium athletics, airports, and government offices has made it difficult for murderers and thieves to ambush members of the community. Yet, soft target areas like shopping malls, movie theaters, and grocery stories have been left with limited or no security guards in presence. It is about time we make more security members of our community willing to assist law enforcement by creating a secure presence in the area for safety precautions. Increasing the number of individuals we graduate from the security academies will secure our communities when these individuals are on duty and off duty. More and more of our community members have come from other parts of the country and world. The ability to sense danger before it strikes must be a high priority. Thank you. I yield the rest of my time.”

In ten years from now, I will be a representative for Florida. I’ve always imagined an elaborate path of safety and security for the people of Florida. Advancing on hard topic issues like critical infrastructure, education, health care and immigration. I thought hard about the first topic that I wanted to discuss as a representative and security is perfect for me. Ever since I graduated from the North Florida Security Academy in 2020, I knew that keeping Floridians safe was a major priority. I often think about the news articles that get released of shootings outside of weddings, baseball games, mailing departments, and grocery stores that happen around the country. I know that safety of myself and other citizens often affects our community. Since working at the FL Supreme Court, Dispute Resolution Center, I noticed that crimes that are committed against individuals are really crimes that are committed against our community. These people that want to hurt others or our government system should be held accountable and face judicial justice.

[OP]: “How was the meeting?”

Diwata: “It was excellent, [OP]. Thank you for asking. I’m glad we got some new security ideas for our policy agenda this 2031 session.”

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