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Public Health Care

Public Health is a field that improves the lives and health of our communities through the prevention and treatment of disease and the promotion of healthy behaviors such as healthy eating and exercise. Public Health Care services include child care, elder care, women's health care, minority health and health equity, people with disabilities, community health, and emergency preparedness and response. Public Health are management is been a role of the state that improves Floridian lives through insurance, licensing and regulation of medical professionals, data collection, birth and death certificates, diseases and conditions that happen in our local environments. Every Floridian deserves the right to good quality health care. We must continue to create diverse community and faith-based organizations ready to make changes in our health care system that improves good health care accessibility. This means creating community health centers, gaining primary care doctors that can work in rural areas, gaining new hospitals and medical centers capable of emergency procedures in rural areas.


There are systemic barriers that have created health, financial, educational and housing disparities across the state of Florida. Many people whom live in rural areas or low poverty areas do not have the monthly financial income to spend on their personal or relatives medical expenses in case of an emergency. Individuals wait months or years before they experience too much discomfort before they decide to "break the bank" and withdraw money for a down payment medical procedure. People have turned down good paying job opportunities because they could not maintain the physical requirements of picking up and carrying heavy weights. Public health care must become affordable and work to fix the problem not the symptoms of their ailment. People will use $1 ibuprofen and other pain relievers for months or years before they see a primary care doctor or specialist that recommends a minor surgery procedure to fix the core medical issue. The truth is that finances keep people from gaining the true medical care they need to succeed in live. While there are other people that spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic medical procedures and surgeries. The public health care divide is more prevalent today with countless insurance companies offering simplified health coverage for certain procedures or medical services / products and medicines. Health Care coverage can vary from air humidifiers, inhalers, insulin, oxygen tanks, penicillin and other antibiotics, anxiety medications, eye glasses, contacts, certain disease medications, walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, over the counter pain medications and more which limit the comfort of a patients live. It is important to voice public concern of high health care prices which limit the quality of life that people live with these medical conditions. 

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