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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice refers to "an approach to justice that seeks to repair harm by providing an opportunity for those harmed and those who take responsibility for the harm to communicate about and address their needs in the aftermath of a crime." 

Image by Clay Banks

Restorative Justice

  • Crime is a violation of people and relationships involved. 

  • Violations create obligations to the people involved

  • Justice involves the victims, offenders and community members in an effort to completely restore their livelihood

  • The holistic idea of restorative justice is the victim needs are met and the offenders responsibility for repairing the harm created 

Techniques of Restorative Justice

  • Builds relationships 

  • Strives to be respectful to all people involved 

  • Provides opportunity for equitable conversations 

  • Participation in decision-making process 

  • Involved all relevant stakeholders 

  • Addresses harms, needs, obligations, and causes of conflict and harm 

  • Encourages all people involved to take responsibility in resolving the matter peacefully. 

colorful hand holding
police and citizen putting a puzzle piece together

Community - Building as a Preventive Measure 

It is important to see community building as a preventive measure to balance the justice scale. Communities have the best resources needed to help self-represented litigants or private citizens with a dispute the necessary tools to resolve their issues. Many of the community based programs like career services allow citizens the opportunity to file for food stamps, unemployment, insurance, bankruptcy, civil cases, housing assistance, secondary education transfers, higher education applications, file taxes, and so much more. 

Investing in community-building services help grow our community and help our fellow citizens get the information they need for their specific disputes. Many non-profit organizations help millions of people across the state of Florida with civil case issues and other public or private sector needs. 

The best way to prevent a civil case matter is to get the information you need at a local community building service that can help you immediately. 


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